Introducing Awesome BEC

Business email compromise is anything but awesome. According to the FBI, in 2020 cybercriminals cost US companies 2 billion through exploitation of business email systems.

I started an Awesome list to try and compile all of the links that I had previously just kept in my head for reference when doing a BEC investigation. It’s still very much a work in progress, and I hope people a) find it useful and b) contribute to it to make it even better.

You can see the nice looking version here, and if you’d like to contribute please send pull requests and issues here.

I haven’t had a chance to add summaries/descriptions of the links referenced, and I’m considering adding a couple of other sections related to hunting for phishing emails (typically how a BEC has occurred in my experience) as well as email header analysis.

Keen for contributions and hope it helps people!

You want me to deal with how many VMDKs!?

Recently I was given approximately 55 VMDKs after a cyber incident to try and identify the root cause. Ideally, these systems would be online so that we could deploy our distributed threat hunting and forensic analysis tool of choice, Velociraptor however this wasn’t a possibility in this scenario.

This means I had an interesting problem to solve; how do I get the relevant forensic artefacts that I wanted to so that I could triage the VMDKs and identify which systems that I wanted to dig deeper into.

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Metaspike CTF – Week 5 – “Spot the DFIRence”

I write my notes as I go along, but sometimes it takes me a bit to get it into a blogable format. This week took a little longer because I had to wait for Armans walkthrough. I got super close to the answer for part 3, but unfortunately missed out on the 100 points.

We’re back looking at EML files to help assist validating a story and identifying forgery, and get to play with an interesting technique!

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Metaspike CTF – Week 4 – “IM APparently making this harder than it was meant to be”

Starting this post by admitting it took me a lot longer to get the answers to some of these questions than it should have, because I misunderstood some of the wording of the questions. I ended up going down a lot of RFC-related rabbitholes, only to find that certain parts were theoretical and others practical. Well, we all make mistakes, onto the post!

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