Hi, I’m Phill

I work as a lead investigator and digital forensic analyst at CyberCX (Klein & co.) in Australia.

My other (more popular) website is This Week In 4n6

I needed a place where I could share my research independently of that site.

Thoughts and opinions here are my own and not those of my employer

Turns out I’ve been mentioned in some books!

  1. Windows Forensic Cookbook – By Oleg Skulkin and Scar de Courcier
  2. Hands-on Incident Response and Digital Forensics – Mike Sheward
  3. Investigating Windows Systems – Harlan Carvey

* If anyone would like to share content and doesn’t have a place to do so then reach out and you can guest post

Also I will absolutely accept donations, even if the form of non commercial software licenses to use for testing out new and existing artefacts.