New blog

I started a new blog!

Why, you ask?

That’s a good question; I’ve done a bit of research and needed a good medium to share it through, so here it is. It also forces me to write stuff down. Often I’ll work through a problem and put the information in my notes, but not necessarily centralise them in an easy-to-search place.

I’m hoping to post once a month or when inspiration strikes*

DISCLAIMER: inspiration may strike less often than once a month

If anyone has anything they would like researched/compiled or wants to guest post/collaborate let me know!

One thought on “New blog

  1. […] I started a new blog! (do I say ‘I’, or go all third-person?) This post just introduces the new site, which I hope to write on when inspiration strikes about various DFIR topics, things I’ve worked on, things I plan to work on, and research I’ve conducted. New blog  […]


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